A thin film transistor, also called a TFT display, is used in LCD screens to create the crisp, responsive images expected by today's technology users. Each pixel in the display has an individual transistor that changes the pixel. Put together, these many miniscule transistors create the image on the screen. While many people think of LCD screens for use as computer monitors or as television screens, a small TFT display can be used in many other places. 

Digital Cameras
One use for a TFT display less than 10 inches would be for the viewing screen on the back of a digital camera. These displays must be able to respond to the movement of the camera to accurately display what is being seen through the camera's digital lens. The rapid drawing rate of TFT displays ensures that the image on the camera's screen is in real-time and is an accurate representation of the image captured on the camera. 

Portable DVD Players 
A small TFT display may also be used in portable DVD players or on theater systems for inside a car. Consumers demand that even the small screens of these portable movie players be nearly as sharp and clear as their large television screen at home. Usually these screens are less than 10 inches to improve portability. Some of these portable screens may be adapted to under cabinet television screens for use in the kitchen or other room where counter space is at a premium. 

Cell Phones 
Non-touch cell phones may have a TFT display to show the user the phone number being dialed, text messages, pictures, or websites. Since many cell phones also act as cameras, the TFT display used on the cell phone must have the same response rate as the screen on the back of a digital camera. Even screen savers or wallpaper on a cell phone require the sharp, crystal-clear imaging provided by TFT technology. 

The uses for TFT displays on a small scale are many. As television sets at home get larger, the demand for smaller, sharper, and faster displays for use away from home will continue to grow, ensuring that TFT displays will continue to be needed.