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Hannah Goldner
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Memory In Pixel - MIP Displays 58 0

MIP Displays have memory embedded in every pixel.  This allows the display to retain the images as opposed to other displays that constantly refresh the images.


What are the advantages of MIP displays? 

  • MIP displays retain images and do not have to refresh constantly. They therefore use much less power than other displays.
  • The memory in the display allows the display to always stay on, requiring only minimal power.
  • They are transflective; the display gets brighter as the ambient light gets brighter.  This makes them easily viewable in direct sunlight.

What are the disadvantages of MIP displays?

  • As MIP displays depend on ambient light they are not as bright indoors. 
  • MIP displays have fewer colors and a lower image quality compared to TFT displays

Many smartwatches, fitness trackers and GPS devices use MIP displays to take advantage of the low power consumption, transflective, sunlight readable display and always on views.  Any application requiring outdoor viewing and low power can benefit from the MIP display.


All Shore Industries offers customized MIP displays.  We can add a backlight to allow better viewing indoors and on cloudy days as well as other modifications.  Please contact us at if you would like more information on MIP or any of our other displays.


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