Electronic Components Shortage

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I’m sure you’ve noticed the shortage of electronic components due to COVID-19 restrictions on manufacturing, transport and distribution in general.

Before COVID-19, the display market had been in an oversupply with the slowdown in cell phone demand.  The increased demand for laptops, tablets, monitors, and TVs in 2020 has backfilled this capacity and driven us into a shortage situation. This shortage of electronic components is not only in the display market but extends to basic components like resistors and capacitors. This situation will probably continue throughout 2021, depending on the continued effect of COVID-19.

Component and computer shortages also affect consumers and businesses at the end of the supply chain. The problem is that none of these components are used in isolation. The microchips, LCD components, touchscreen elements, and even glass for screens are all present in a wide variety of machines, including technology that your business may use. From phones to laptops and desktops, the chip shortage makes it more difficult to find the technology you may need. Generally, people who made the switch to working from home have been more likely to purchase a laptop instead of a desktop although desktop machines are still being affected by shortages and longer wait times. Additionally, the increased demand for gaming PCs is keeping manufacturers busy producing high-end gaming tech instead of office equipment. Laptops, notebooks, phones, and tablets are therefore even more heavily impacted. The increased demand for homeschooling solutions has augmented the pressure on portable and kid-friendly technologies.

We understand you may be impatient, so we are working nonstop to fulfill our customers’ needs for electronic components. If you have questions or need help finding the right display interface, send us an email at sales@allshore.com or call us at 718-720-0018.  

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