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Monday, August 10, 2020

New LCD Displays technology

What’s new in LCD display manufacturing, the global electronics news

3.5'' TFT module, Transflective All View

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ASI Displays is featuring an all view Transflective 3.5” TFT, ASI-T-3501RA1EN/D, with 18-BIT DBI Type B interface; a luminance of 120 nits and contrast ratio of 500:1. This display features 480 x 640 (VGA) pixel resolution and full viewing angle. It is an ideal choice for products requiring a crisp display with all viewing directions and with sun light readability.

ASI Displays introduces a line of OLED Displays

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ASI Displays introduces a broad line of OLED displays complimenting their existing line of LCD panels and LCD modules. OLEDs feature extremely high contrast (some >10,000:1) and very wide viewing angles. Since OLEDs produce their own light there is no additional backlight so the product is thinner, lighter and has a much lower power consumption than LCDs. OLEDs also feature a much faster response time than LCD technology. The more efficient power consumption, along with the very thin profile make OLEDs desirable for battery operated portable devices such as cell phones, cameras and other hand held consumer devices or instrumentation. Available in single color, dual color and full color modules.

7.0" TFT, LVDS, High Brightness & Contrast

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ASI Displays has added a high brightness, high contrast 7.0" TFT to its expanding list of TFT displays. The ASI-T-700MA7LN/D, with LVDS interface, luminance of 700 nits, featuring 30 white LEDs and a contrast ratio of 500:1. The ASI-T-700MA7LN/D features 800 X 3(RGB) X 480 pixel resolution, providing a beautiful, crisp display.  It is an ideal choice for displays requiring low voltage differential signaling for high speed data transmission as well as higher bit rates, lower power and improved noise performance. Also available with Resistive as well as Capacitive Touch Panels.


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