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ASI Displays offers a wide selection of standard display modules to fit the majority of user applications.  For those occasions where special requirements must be met, ASI Displays can build a custom module to your exact needs. 


Character LCD Modules

Standard LCD Character Modules

Offering thousands of LCD Character Display combinations. Select the right technology (TN, HTN, STN, FSTN), background color, backlight color, backlight style and assembly technology for your specific application. Formats range from 2 line of 8 characters to 4 lines of 40 characters.

Graphic LCD Modules

Standard LCD Graphic Modules

Offering a wide assortment of LCD Graphic Displays.  Pick the format that best fits your mechanical and optical requirements. Personalize your design with graphics and text to best convey your message.  Formats range from tiny 122x32 dot modules to ¼ VGA 320x240 dots.

TFT LCD Modules

Standard TFT Modules

Offering a wide assortment of TFT Displays.  Pick the format that best fits your mechanical and optical requirements. Personalize your design with brilliant color graphics and text to best convey your message.  Sizes range from 1.44" to 12.1" modules.  Many displays are available with touch panels, also referred to as touchscreens. We offer resistive touch panels, commonly available in 4-wire and 5-wire. We also offer projective capacitive touch panels with embedded controller ICs. All our capacitive touch panels are made with steel glass. Custom touch panels can be offered for those units that currently do not include touch panels.

OLED LCD Modules

Standard OLED Modules

ASI Displays provides Character and Graphic OLED modules.
OLEDs feature extremely high contrast and very wide viewing angles (some >2000:1). There is no additional backlight so the product is thinner, lighter and has a much lower power consumption than LCDs. OLEDs also feature very wide viewing angles (>160) and a much faster response time than LCD technology. Available in single color, dual color and full color modules.


With state of the art production facilities in both Taiwan and China, ASI Displays is positioned to offer the OEM the most cost effective Display solution.  Custom modules can also be designed and manufactured to meet your exacting requirements.  Fit a module on the top of a keyboard key, add a keypad as part of your display module, add a heater for cold temperature operation, add a touch screen for touch control, or integrate your circuitry onto the module, eliminating part or all of your additional circuit board.  All are possibilities with ASI Displays.  

We deliver quality displays for the most demanding environments and clients.  Give ASI Displays an opportunity to quote your needs and join our expanding list of satisfied customers.


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