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Displays allow you not only the ability to transfer information, but to visually demonstrate the quality and care that has gone into your product.

ASI Displays offers a wide variety of LCD displays ranging from simple TN glass panels to full color TFT modules in a multitude of sizes and features. Many modules are available with Resistive and Capacitive Touch screens. Don’t see what you are looking for? Contact us with your spec and we will offer our closest match. Need something custom? No problem. Contact us with your wish list.

ASI Displays has been providing compelling display solutions since 1993 for a variety of product categories including military, industrial, medical and consumer products. ASI Displays is uniquely qualified in offering you a wide range of the highest quality LCD modules and panels at the most competitive products. Give your product the "look" it deserves ... with ASI Displays.

  • Thousands of Standard LCD Displays and Module configurations available
  • Custom Designed LCD Panels and Modules
  • TN, STN, FSTN, and TFT models
  • Standard Commercial and Extended Industrial Temperature Ranges
  • LED (single color and RGB), Electro-Luminescent (EL) Backlighting Options
  • Modules utilizing COB, TAB, and COG Assembly techniques
  • Touch Screen and Cold Temperature Heater Options
  • Innovative Technology, Complete Turnkey Design and Manufacturing Capabilities


OLEDs feature extremely high contrast (some >10,000:1) and very wide viewing angles. There is no additional backlight so the product is thinner, lighter and has a much lower power consumption than LCDs. OLEDs also feature much faster response time than LCD technology. Available in single color, dual color and full color modules.


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