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Competing in today's global marketplace requires an emphasis on cost containment without sacrificing high standards in quality.

Asian imports can be a cost-efficient solution for securing well-made products or components. However, not all companies are prepared to handle the importing process independently. With over 35 years of experience in Asian manufacturing and product sourcing, clients of All Shore Industries gain the confidence of having a U.S. company handle all of the logistics on their behalf.

Metal Fabrication



Metal Fabrication

All Shore Industries handles the entire product and manufacturing sourcing process including:

  • Locating products
  • Having designs fine-tuned, with U.S. engineering support, to a client's requirements
  • Managing quality control
  • Importing them
  • Handling customs clearance
  • Delivering products right to the client's door
Metal Fabrication Metal Fabrication Metal Fabrication Metal Fabrication

The Asian Manufacturing and Product Sourcing Advantage

U.S. companies reap all of the benefits of Asian sourcing, while All Shore Industries handles every step of the process. Clients save time and money in procuring the necessary components and products to fulfill their own customers' needs.

All Shore Industries works with an extensive network of superior quality Asian manufacturing facilities to locate, acquire and deliver whatever clients want. All Shore qualifies every supplier to ensure superior quality and workmanship. The images on this page showcase several examples of products and parts secured for clients through All Shore's sourcing services. If existing products or parts aren't available, All Shore Industries can put the company's experience in product design and manufacturing processes to work for clients, creating custom solutions.

Contact us today to find out how All Shore Industries' product and manufacturing sourcing services can help you improve your bottom line.

Metal Fabrication



Metal Fabrication


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