ASI Contract Manufacturing

Plastic Part Design, Molding, and Production

All Shore Industries combines the skills of U.S. designers and engineers with high quality Asian tool making and manufacturing to offer clients top of the line yet affordable plastic parts and products. Whether starting from a hand drawn sketch or full engineering CAD drawings, All Shore’s plastic part design experts provide the right methodology to ensure the proper tooling, materials and processes are used for your product. Products for the consumer, industrial, automotive, and military markets have all been successfully produced by All Shore.

Plastic Molding No matter what plastics a client needs to work with, All Shore Industries can craft high quality parts and products through a variety of techniques including:
  • injection molding
  • blow molding
  • compression molding
  • vacuum molding
  • insert molding
  • two-color molding
  • printing and finishing
  • and more.

From Plastics to Products

All Shore Industries can offer more than just plastic parts manufacturing. The company also offers mechanical and electro-mechanical assembly, electrical assembly, and metal fabrication services. This allows All Shore Industries to integrate clients' plastic parts into higher level assemblies or completely build finished products, packaged and ready for distribution. 

Contact us today to talk to one of our technical staff about your next plastic requirement.


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