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Rubber Keypads and Membrane Switches

All Shore Industries helps clients design and manufacture more interactive electronic products using rubber keypads and membrane switches. Rubber keypads and membrane switches are incorporated into products ranging from industrial equipment to home appliances. All Shore can handle the customization and manufacturing of membrane switches and rubber keypads to suit any client's desired implementation.

Custom membrane switch and rubber keypad manufacturing by All Shore Industries starts with a team of U.S. and Asian-based engineers who design the keypads and switches to suit each individual client's needs. The parts are then produced in All Shore's state of the art Asian manufacturing facilities. If a design is already complete, All Shore can tool and manufacture per the client's drawings.

All Shore Industries' manufacturing facilities are able to produce a variety of membrane switches and rubber keypads in accordance with clients' custom specifications including:

  • durable silicone rubber keypads
  • epoxy keypads
  • silicone with TPU, PC, or PET
  • in-mold decoration (IMD)
  • complete membrane switch assemblies;
  • graphic overlays for membrane switches
  • specialized membrane adhesives
  • tactile and non-tactile membrane switches
  • backlighting
  • integration into higher level assemblies
  • and more.

Keypad Membrane Switches

Custom Membrane Switch Keypad Applications

All Shore Industries goes beyond manufacturing high quality cost-efficient custom membrane switches and rubber keypads. The company's Asian contract manufacturing facilities are capable of assembling complete end products utilizing the membrane switches and keypads that All Shore produces. Some common applications of membrane switches and rubber keypads include:

  • major and small appliances
  • remote controls
  • mobile phones, radios and GPS
  • industrial control panels
  • medical equipment
  • and more.


All Shore Industries makes the design and manufacturing of membrane switches and rubber keypads more affordable across all industries by combining U.S. engineering with cost-efficient Asian manufacturing.

Contact us today to discuss your membrane switch and rubber keypad requirements. See how All Shore Industries can help you bring your next project to completion on time and under budget.


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